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Real estate professionals know that the best way to impress potential buyers is to properly prepare the house that we sell.

With a few simple steps for which a large investment is required we can give a facelift to our house, thus increasing your chances of sale.

These techniques are known by the name of Home Staging 'staging of the house', that is to get the most out of a home for sale through visual optimization.

In this sense, we leave here some tips to give a new image to your house for sale and get the best price possible.

1. The best way to start decorating the house for sale is to refer to a pilot of a new development of apartments floor, they are always very tidy, freshly painted, very clean, all collected, the furniture looks comfortable and functional.

We remember that we are not making changes to live in this house, according to our tastes and familiar format.

Our only goal is to teach the best of the house to prospective buyers. It is important that we make the investment focus to repair damage and improve the image, but it is not necessary to make a great investment. An art kitchen will leave impressed potential buyers, but may not be willing to pay the price you paid for it.

2. Give the house an airy and spacious look, eliminating clutter and family furniture accessories and reducing to a minimum.

3. Plan the preparation and decoration of all rooms of the house. Remove everything that is personal, old or is damaged or too full. Clean all surfaces thoroughly, rearrange the furniture so that the environment is not loaded.

4. Make a list of objects that it be repaired. For example, a lack of a door handle, a failed, stains on the walls, a closet door that does not fit. However, if the couch is old, very cheerful place over cushions.

5. Turn on the lights because the dark areas invite not enter. We must have maximum illumination, with increases well blinds, curtains drawn and how best interior lights.

6. Create a welcoming entrance - first impressions are very important.

7. Wash the door - even repaint it to shine. Mopping the floor, replace the handle if it is very old, and adorn the entrance with large pots.

8. Be particularly careful with the bathroom and kitchen. Both sites should shine for cleanliness. Thoroughly clean the tiles, remove signs of moisture or mold on the boards, put new towels in the bathroom and toilet, remove all utensils of sight in the kitchen, put a bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen table, etc.

9. Pets may distort the sales process. There are people who are terrified by dogs, cats or birds, or who suffer allergies very annoying when you are nearby. Although we enchant the animals to us, if we want to maximize the "sale" of our home we are advised to keep away our pets at the time of the visit.

10. It is advisable to fill our home with delicious aromas to enhance the sense of well-being, such as fresh flowers smell nice, or baskets of "pot pourri" spread through the house, scented candles, nice fresheners, etc. It is important you take care of the smell. If upon entering your house smell musty, damp, pipe or any strange smell, the buyer will think "I want to live in a house that smells like that?"

With these simple tips, we will make our home that much more attractive to potential buyers. And if we do it with the help of real estate consultants professional success will be assured.

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