This is a great business opportunity

If you have your own Agency and want to think about new goals, if you are an entrepreneur or businessman and want to diversify your business lines, we have a integration plan for people who want to become involved in a solid growth project, emerging synergies between activities that result in a greater benefit to our staff, franchisees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, etc.

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It is a business and profitable future.

It is a business model that allows you not to start from scratch and do it with a well-known trade name and a profitable product.

The entrepreneurs are the best set, they have more time for themselves and, they earn more money than corporate executives, employed and institutional positions.

A franchise allows you to work for yourself.

To obtain financial help for a franchise is easier than for a new business and investment is less than to create a new business

a franchise has an image and recognized brand. At the start of a business with a recognized brand name, you will recuperate faster your investment, since the public already knows the quality of the product.

No specific training is needed to open a franchise, as they provide the necessary training.

by opening a new franchise will not have to worry about to devise expensive advertising campaigns

The real estate sector is a safe bet

the real estate business is predictable

there will always be a demand: housing is a basic need.

It will Always be a supply: families who need to sell their home.

Low Cost: it does not require a large initial investment.

The return on investment (ROI) large short-term benefits.

Extensive possibilities to create synergies with typology of business enterprises of services related to the housing sector, which add value to the business and more benefits.

A recognised prestige brand : undertaken under a name brand leader in the real estate sector

A custom welcome program: our expansion department will advise you during the entire process of pre-open so that you can go to the environment becoming increasingly habituated brand VIVE Real Estate Solutions.

In addition, you will be given comprehensive training, both in theory and practical in process, operations, promotional tools, sale: everything you need to begin to conduct your business.

Personalised support when you need it: with a team of professionals ready to offer you the maximum support.

If you have any queries both legal and administrative, on suppliers, actions of promotion or marketing, among others, you will always find a professional ready to solve any issue.

A network of franchisees: daily, you will be in direct contact with our entire network of agencies to enable them to share what they have learned and their experiences, as well as to receive support if necessary.

Continuous Training: we do training actions to the whole team of professionals that we integrate VIVE Real Estate Solutions in order to find out all the latest news from the real estate sector, promote teamwork, automate processes and learn about the procedures of our franchises.

Own Financial Department: professionals in our finance department will be at your service to advice and search for financing customers needs, achieving benefit from the best agreements with banks.

Agreements with suppliers: From our Central Sale Department you will have the advantage to obtain the best prices in actions to promote the portfolio of properties, both in digital and printed format: advertising in real estate portals, printing of posters, flyers, business cards, etc.

Intranet: will have a powerful system of sales management and customers hosted in the cloud which automates the whole process and connection with our entire agencies network.

Environment 2.0 : an integral part of all the actions of digital marketing that will be social networking, newsletter, web, custom campaigns, etc. ,

Who are we looking for?

VIVE Real Estate Solutions has been working with franchisees for over 10 years. Our extensive experience has allowed us to recognize the key to success with a business model like this.

- Each franchise is an ambassador for VIVE Real Estate Solutions. It is essential to have a passion for the brand, commitment to our values, affinity with customer service and integrity.

- Must hold a business profile, knowledge of the real estate market, the ability to manage teams and a strong initiative.

- Although the experience in the real estate sector is not a requirement, any previous experience will enable you to appreciate our competitive differentiation.

- Entrepreneur, freelance or corporate managers who want to diversify their business expansion.

- Existing Real Estate who want to join the project VIVE and take advantage of scale economies, share customers and increase sales.

- A person with commercial profile or management that is unemployed or working and wants to success in the future.

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