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The concept of home Staging is a set of techniques that allow you to give your property a more attractive look to potential buyers. Home Staging literally means 'putting your home on the scene'. Those techniques were born thirty years ago in the United States and now are being implemented in Europe.

The goal is set your property to be sold as quickly as possible and at the best price.

When the potential buyers visit a property with a personal decoration or with too much decoration, usually tend to have difficulties imagining it living in the property and that is why sometimes influence the decision to make an offer to purchase.

And it is here where the Home Staging plays a key role, because with a intervention of this type, completely depersonalize the property, so that any person can be projected living in it by the first visit, increasing the chances of sale.

Another of the advantages of this technique is that the property price will stand out from the existing real estate and will limit the possibilities of negotiation on the sale price, because the potential buyer did not find anything to criticize and therefore will find it more difficult to make a under offer.

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