If you prefer to live in a rental flat, we also help you to find a property

Rental requires a shorter process that the sale but no less important. Therefore, we have a specialised department through which we will advise you in everything you need, we'll help you find your home and we will take all the necessary steps to formalise and close the operation successfully.


We have a real estate portfolio of rental homes in Seville and province, Valencia and Menorca.

We cover all the legal advice, management, after-care that is needed to successfully carry out the operation.

Heritage Management

We have a service of heritage management in order to offer to our customers who require the maximum profitability in relation to their properties.

We ensure that their assets are maintained or increased in value so that they do not have any concern for their real estate, regularly informed of everything.

*Selection of the tenant through a rigorous control: delinquency, incidents in collections, etc.

*Bill Management: emission and collection.

*Calculation and application of increments and impact in the rentals: BI, works, fords, communities of owners, etc.

*payments, on behalf of the owner to industrial, communities and various agencies of the Administration.

*Processing incidents with the tenant: coordinating both the location of the fault, as the repair and the corresponding processing with the insurance companies.

*Payment and delivery of liquidations, in the form and frequency chosen by the owner.

*Complete processing of the liquidation at the time of a tenant receives the property.

Visit the property and check of the state in which the new tenant receives it, according to the questionnaire carried out at the time of recruitment. Management of repairs and liquidation to the tenants, if applicable.

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