“Customer satisfaction is our goal; quality services, our strong tool"

We are experts in housing and specialists in the real estate industry. More than ten years of career and professional experience

VIVE Group has evolved to a large range of services ranging from real estate brokerage/consulting to the refurbish and Interior design, through legal services, insurance, specialized photography, home staging, etc.

We also have a finance department that offers our customers a free financial study, also responsible for finding the best mortgage, as we have special agreements with banks.Our Financial Team manages the entire process of agreements and firms.

The goal is that our customers have all the services that entail the purchase-sale, rental or management of a property. For this reason, we have a team of more than 70 highly qualified professionals with the best infrastructure that allows us to offer personalized attention and quality.

When a purchase, sale or rental of a property occurs, it is essential to know all the details, legal aspects and efforts that involve

We are experts and advisers supporting both, the buyer and seller in the entire process, carrying out each one of the tasks necessary for the operation to success.

We offer an exclusive, personalised treatment to our client taking into account each of the situations and circumstances surrounding the transaction, dealing with everything in order that our customers only have to worry about signing the purchase-sale/rental of the property.

Selling your home? If your answer is yes, we invite you to learn more about our management of intermediation

Currently, offers of home sale is greater than the demand. Trust our experience will mean achieve your goal: sell it. We will support you in everything you need for the sale of your property at a suitable and sustainable price.

One of our sales consultants will visit your property and will produce an assessment of the asset without commitment, giving guidance on issues as these:

  • How much can I ask for my home?
  • What is the market price in the area?
  • Are there any customers for my property?
  • What marketing strategy can be done to advertise it?
  • Is my property in the best state to sell it?
  • What formalities need to be performed to complete the sale?
  • What gives me value differentiator value at VIVE?
  • What question have i forgotten?


  • Our way in which your property is sold.
  • Your dedicated advisor
  • Portfolio of buyer customers
  • Your property in our network in more than 15 agencies
  • Your property in the main real estate portals
  • Your property in our real estate business magazine
  • A team of professionals dedicated to manage online marketing, campaign and publicity
  • Guaranteed housing advice throughout the process


Our extensive career and experience in the industry since 2004, has made a high volume of customers. More than 2500 requests each year for families who want to buy a home. Our mission is like theirs. we bring integral solutions for buyers to be able to access their purchase.


Our consultants are highly qualified professionals. You will be informed about the market price in the area where your property is located with the goal to set the best price.


You will have an adviser exclusively for you, ready to assist you at any time, solving your queries, will inform you about the process of selling your property, customer's opinions, etc. We use very innovative selling techniques, to provide solutions to any administrative impediment. you will only have to sign the sale of your property.


Our communication, marketing and social media department is responsible for carrying out a study of your property to be able to develop the best strategies and campaigns for the promotion through our website, disseminating on the best real estate portals in the industry, social networks, monthly newsletter, in our commercial real estate magazine, and also in other advertising media print.

If you want more information, please don't hesitate to contact us here.

We have a portfolio of different typology of properties for sale and rent, so you can find what you need, depending on your circumstances or needs.

Second hand

More than 2000 developments in Seville and province, Valencia and Menorca which are available throughout our network of agencies.

Bank Housing

We have a wide portfolio of properties from banks for those customers whose financial circumstances does not allow them access to purchase another type of housing.

The homes belonging to banks have been granted by the institution itself mortgage financing 100 %, so the buyer only has to have the expenses of housing according to the law for access to your purchase.

New development

We have promotions of new housing construction for those customers wishing to buy property with these features.

Shop and craft

We have a department specialising in the marketing of premises, warehouses and offices. Purchase-sale or rental available to any customer with interest of starting a business.


We have plots and tertiary soil for those clients or investors wishing to acquire this type of terrain.

Rental requires a shorter process that the sale but no less important. Therefore, we have a specialised department through which we will advise you in everything you need, we'll help you find your home and we will take all the necessary steps to formalise and close the operation successfully.


We have a real estate portfolio of rental homes in Seville and province, Valencia and Menorca.

We cover all the legal advice, management, after-care that is needed to successfully carry out the operation.

Heritage Management

We have a service of heritage management in order to offer to our customers who require the maximum profitability in relation to their properties.

We ensure that their assets are maintained or increased in value so that they do not have any concern for their real estate, regularly informed of everything.

*Selection of the tenant through a rigorous control: delinquency, incidents in collections, etc.

*Bill Management: emission and collection.

*Calculation and application of increments and impact in the rentals: BI, works, fords, communities of owners, etc.

*payments, on behalf of the owner to industrial, communities and various agencies of the Administration.

*Processing incidents with the tenant: coordinating both the location of the fault, as the repair and the corresponding processing with the insurance companies.

*Payment and delivery of liquidations, in the form and frequency chosen by the owner.

*Complete processing of the liquidation at the time of a tenant receives the property.

Visit the property and check of the state in which the new tenant receives it, according to the questionnaire carried out at the time of recruitment. Management of repairs and liquidation to the tenants, if applicable.

We are experts in financial intermediation. Our department of VIVE Financial Solutions is responsible for searching mortgages that the client may need to purchase-sale of a property.

We have agreements with all banks to offer the best conditions of the market, advice, management and processing financial records for the achievement of the mortgage loan.

And in addition we take care of all of the management process.


  • Heritage award processing and registration
  • Embargoes uprisings annotated on the properties to remove and negotiations with bank if necessary
  • Request documentation necessary for signing, relating to certificate outstanding debt or what necessary
  • Breakdown provisions of funds for firm


  • Management mortgage loan with preferential conditions vis-à-vis private
  • Advice to purchasers of the costs sale
  • Registration in case of sale purchased in cash
  • Accompaniment to signing
  • All the necessary steps to reach signature with the bank buyer to avoid any type of discomfort

if you need financial advice or other kinds of management, you can request an appointment with our department.

We will be pleased to check your personal financial eligibility for free.

To obtain the energy certificate is mandatory to sell or rent a property; start a business requires licensing of openings; and sometimes our customers need a judicial expert to provide what is necessary in a judicial process.


From the 1st June 2013 and according to the Royal Decree 235/2013 owners who wish to sell or rent their housing are being forced to obtain the energy certificate.

The royal decree, which approves this certification indicates that the requirement of this certificate corresponds to the promoters (in case of new construction) and to the owners of homes in case of used housing. The Energy Certificate is valid for 10 years.

As soon as the announcement of the sale or rental of a house, it is also the owner which responds to the lack of the energy label, as well as the exhibition of tags that relate to energy certification of a building that does not comply with the requirements or which may lead to an error or confusion.

From our technical department, we are able to carry out this process for all those owners who request it.

If you do not already have the above-mentioned certificate may request a quote here and we will take care of the management and the procedures necessary for this purpose.


An opening license is a mandatory municipal license for a shop, spacecraft or office to exercise an activity commercial, industrial or service.

It consists in a document that certifies the compliance of the conditions of habitability and use of such activity.

The opening license or activity is granted to the owner of a business for the development of a given activity.

It must be renewed every time you change the activity conducted in the shop, there are changes in the same or change the owners of the business, for example in the event of a transfer.

We have a technical department specialised in managing this type of service. You can request information here


We Have a specialised service for legal and fiscal valuations and surveys. Our experts are experts in property, perform real estate valuations, claims in buildings, etc. supplied information or opinion founded to the courts of justice on the contentious points that are the subject of it.

Our department is responsible of performing all the necessary paperwork for the owner and buyer for the transmission and registration of the property sale.

For the landlord we:

  • Lift embargoes or any annotation that appears on the registered property.
  • Inscriptions of inheritance

For the buyer we take care of:

  • Preparation of signing at the notary
  • registration of purchase-sale
  • Tax Presentation plusvalia

Our department specialised in Administration of Estates offers the services need it to provide comprehensive coverage to the Landlord communities. Our aim is to achieve a perfect functioning of it.

A home insurance is the best way to protect a housing of any possible eventuality that may occur. As a result of an accident or other causes that are beyond our control, we may lose our house and everything that contains.

Also, a owner that has a property for rent, you must have the peace of mind that you can avoid problems with future tenants. To do this, hire the so-called legal insurance coverage or guarantee of payment.

VIVE Group offers a comprehensive service in this regard. We will advise you in everything you need, depending on their circumstances. Our goal is your peace of mind.

For customers who need refurbishing your home, we offer a comprehensive service in this regard.

Our specialists will visit your property and they will advise you in this regard, offering an adequate budget to your needs.

The concept of home Staging is a set of techniques that allow you to give your property a more attractive look to potential buyers. Home Staging literally means 'putting your home on the scene'. Those techniques were born thirty years ago in the United States and now are being implemented in Europe.

The goal is set your property to be sold as quickly as possible and at the best price.

When the potential buyers visit a property with a personal decoration or with too much decoration, usually tend to have difficulties imagining it living in the property and that is why sometimes influence the decision to make an offer to purchase.

And it is here where the Home Staging plays a key role, because with a intervention of this type, completely depersonalize the property, so that any person can be projected living in it by the first visit, increasing the chances of sale.

Another of the advantages of this technique is that the property price will stand out from the existing real estate and will limit the possibilities of negotiation on the sale price, because the potential buyer did not find anything to criticize and therefore will find it more difficult to make a under offer.

If you want more information about this service, you can request it here.

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