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To obtain the energy certificate is mandatory to sell or rent a property; start a business requires licensing of openings; and sometimes our customers need a judicial expert to provide what is necessary in a judicial process.


From the 1st June 2013 and according to the Royal Decree 235/2013 owners who wish to sell or rent their housing are being forced to obtain the energy certificate.

The royal decree, which approves this certification indicates that the requirement of this certificate corresponds to the promoters (in case of new construction) and to the owners of homes in case of used housing. The Energy Certificate is valid for 10 years.

As soon as the announcement of the sale or rental of a house, it is also the owner which responds to the lack of the energy label, as well as the exhibition of tags that relate to energy certification of a building that does not comply with the requirements or which may lead to an error or confusion.

From our technical department, we are able to carry out this process for all those owners who request it.

If you do not already have the above-mentioned certificate may request a quote here and we will take care of the management and the procedures necessary for this purpose.


An opening license is a mandatory municipal license for a shop, spacecraft or office to exercise an activity commercial, industrial or service.

It consists in a document that certifies the compliance of the conditions of habitability and use of such activity.

The opening license or activity is granted to the owner of a business for the development of a given activity.

It must be renewed every time you change the activity conducted in the shop, there are changes in the same or change the owners of the business, for example in the event of a transfer.

We have a technical department specialised in managing this type of service. You can request information here


We Have a specialised service for legal and fiscal valuations and surveys. Our experts are experts in property, perform real estate valuations, claims in buildings, etc. supplied information or opinion founded to the courts of justice on the contentious points that are the subject of it.

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